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March 12, 2009



Folks please take Monkeyboy seriously (for one day at least) and do your part to ensure this extraordinary radio station stays alive. You are the U in WFMU and I already donated but please folks. What other station is like this, i ask you? Annoymous donors always welcome! As a sidenote I met Dave in St Paul at the Turf Club and shockingly He is quiet off mic, so he saves all his energy for the radio show which is a labor of love ion his part, so please donate todaay!


Ha Ha Ha!!!
It just hit me!!!
That WFMU Heaven/Hell Marathon cash thermometer phrase "All the....without the basketball!"
Total F-ing jab at WFUV!!!??!!
Ha Ha Ha!!!
OK...Now I'll Mouse Pledge!!!!

P.S. There ARE some BAD Monkeys!!!

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