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April 06, 2009


Darth Murray

This is typical WFMU snarky crap. Yes, I guess this record is boring. That's it. Earnest, sweet and a little boring. As far as "annoying" or "wretched" - give me a break. The only thing annoying or wretched or difficult here is the holier than thou attitude of Bob Purse and WFMU. This merits a place in this mighty blog? I gotta laugh.

This post and WFMU are so boring. And so scared of bad comments. This one will probably be deleted.

Stu K

You shouldnt lump in all the authors with the station. Some don't have anything to do with it, and some authors are actually trying to work hard to counter posts like these.

Larry Howard

It sounds like an outtake from Dylan's "Self-Portrait."

stu k

What I mean to say, is that a post or author you dislike shouldnt cast a shadow over WFMU or the blog as a whole, since there are different personalities at work; some authors you dislike may not even be affiliated with the station.

Bob Purse

What I'm mystified by is how I get lumped into some apparent general "attitude", after posting perhaps my second post about a record I really don't like, amongst at least a couple of dozen posts celebrating things from the edges of the music world that I love.

I don't know that there is some overall tendancy here to be snarky and negative, any more than anywhere else on a blog - that's not been my experience - but I'd love to see where else I've been part of that, in my posts since last winter, or in the 365 days project.


Brad Nelson

When I see a post titled "A Thoroughly Unpleasant Record," you must understand, I get unnaturally excited, expecting that beneath blue-and-white buttons there will be something to make my brain fat render.

This is, well, boring. I cannot imagine anyone working up any vitriol over something so innocuous. More power to you, I suppose.

Bob Purse

I can only guess that people are not paying attention to the lyrics of this thing, lyrics which I find repugnant. I mean, I expect a lot worse from the lyrics to a lot of heavy metal and rap, but I don't listen to those forms of music very much. This is such a quiet little song - badly played and badly sung, to be sure - with truly hateful lyrics.

Brad Nelson

Sorry, Bob, I am a dude who almost never keys in on lyrics on first blush.

Maybe I've been desensitized because I listen to a shitload of heavy metal and rap, but this didn't come off as any more offensive or hateful to me than, hell, even some old blues standards. Beyond that, dude could be purposefully writing from a certain unforgivable perspective.

I still don't understand what's here to be worked up about, I guess.


That song is actually pretty bad. It reminds me of the singer that Brian Stack mocks during a recurring sketch on the Conan O'Brian show. From Wikipedia:

"# Artie Kendall, the ghost of an old-fashioned lounge singer who worked in the studio decades ago when it was a radio studio, and whose song lyrics reflect antiquated bigoted and sexist views that offend Conan. Kendall typically sings three brief songs during his appearances, the first of which usually reflects an antiquated social view, the second of which reflects a misogynistic view, and the last of which contains lyrics denigrating to the Irish people, which Kendall sings in reaction to the "hot Irish temper" he observes in Conan when Conan is outraged by the first two songs. Kendall was killed by the League of Women Voters, who, offended at Kendall's misogyny, had him dig his own grave before beating him to death with the shovel."


These lyrics are reminiscent of "For Loving Me" by Gordon Lightfoot.

Goyim in the AM

You ever notice how you've never seen Darth Murray and Jamie Marlowe in the same room?

Larry from Seattle

Love it or hate it, that's what makes WFMU so COOL!!

Darth Murray

Yup. WFMU. So cool. Let me ooze in it.

And gosh I miss all those super-creative 365 Days posts. So much raw super joy unhinged.


I don't see how this is any different than any given Rolling Stones ditty. If the guy had an English accent this would fit in nicely on Aftermath or Between the Buttons.


You know what, I really like this song.

Darth Murray seems to have chosen the world's least appropriate blog to troll. Expressing opinions about whether something is good or bad? That's not a blogger's place! How dare you, Bob Purse!


Hey, whats so bad about this song?
It's honest. Maybe a little pathetic, but unashamed to be human.
Sure it's out of key, and the lyrics are embarrassing, but the emotion is very powerful.
Never forget what music is about.

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