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April 02, 2009


Call Screener Jeff

I'll always cherish the mix cd Andy burned for me when he found out that I like music, too!

Ghengis Jung

There's nothing wrong with Steely Dan.


cherish is the word i use to descriiiiiiiiiibe....



Obsessive Collector

I clearly remember running to get my cassette recorder when Andy's first show (in'94) was broadcast. I missed the first three minutes, but I'm pretty sure I have the rest and will be only too happy to post it to the archives. Who do I send it to?


Why is Indian Bob so vindictive?


Go to hell.


AHha! Mystery solve! I heard some of these shows when they originally boardcast and always wonder why they are not included in the WFMU archives page. So it was tough luck for Andy! He was a very good DJ better then some of the others who are on now. If listeners have tapes of Andy shows he can compile the audio for HELL.


Thank you for brightening my Wednesday. Unfortunately, now it's Thursday. Andy needs his own regular music show teamed with Aunty Pat and Aunt Ellen.


Are there podcasts?

Aunty Pat and Aunty Ellen

If Uncle Andy would like to do a show with us we would be very happy to oblige.

Greg (G or g on comments pages)

When I got in my car Weds. the 1st around 530pm (no radio since about 2pm), I was busy with bad traffic and couldn't mess with the radio for about ten minutes. I was annoyed, because I didn't remember clicking on the rarely used "rock experience station" preset. Then came the mic break. What a hoot.

I recall that, when I first noticed and started listening to FMU, one of my early programming theories was that no one ever played anything you could ever hear on any other station, because after all why bother duplicating what's already available.

Andy's April Fools let's call them "ipod genius" sets demonstrated the exact opposite procedure...


I've heard that the square root of negative one is actually even more lonely.

michael C

Hey that really was "toe-tappin"!
Thanks, Uncle Andy.


I didn't listen to his entire set. Did he play "Rose of Cimarron?" I like "Rose of Cimarron."


Mr. Breckman is fantastic. Give the man a regular slot!


What a loss. Those playlists suggest some really great shows. PS, I would *pay* to listen to a show featuring Andy collaborating with the Aunties.


Wow Andy really is ahead of us all in musical knowledge. He was playing Arctic Monkeys songs that no one knows even now. And this was before even the Arctic Monkeys had heard of the Arctic Monkeys.

The Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor, Ken (But You'll Be Hotter in HELL)


Hi, I'm a square. Will someone please explain this to me? I looked at his Summer of Love playlist and am not convinced that a single one of those songs, or even a single one of those artists, actually exists. Help me out here?

Official WFMU Explanation Department

Dear Square: Relax. Thousands of people are not convinced about millions of things, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're not true. A healthy skepticism comes in handy at times, and you should be glad that yours is so finely attuned. Which way did you come in?


Squareguy: Many of these were one-offs on obscure regional labels like Columbya [sic], RCA Victyr [sic], Epyc [sic], Don Kyrshner [sic], Capytol [sic], Parlyphone [sic], Petyr [sic] Pan, and Syx Syx Syx [sic]. Quite a few were collected on a hastily-compiled, quickly OOP, and now-impossible to find 2-LP set entitled Snuggets: Pryme Artyfacts From Psixties Psychedelic Pscenes, released on the Mellow Mushroome [sic] label out of Austin. They only pressed 50 copies and Andy claims to own thirteen of the existing six. His brother Andi [sic] played in one of the bands.


who knew Andy was such a hottie! I thought Ken was the one to watch. SILVER FOX!!

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