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April 27, 2009


Brian Turner

I knew Kathleen's! I admit to staring at that photo for extended periods.


Peeeew! What is that SMELL?!? Oh...GG Allin's armpit. Ah yes. Well, that explains that!


OMG! I didn't know anything about that Kathleen, I had to google her... But I can't find any pictures or footage of her in action. That's a really scary/sexy/weird/addicting picture. You should really write a piece on her!


Ditto. That was actually shocking, something I thought not possible... Also, I was sure #4 was Jim Morrisons armpit. Armpits separated at birth?

Rick Garcia

What is "Kathleen Lynch?" And where is Patti Smith?

Rick Garcia

I googled Kathleen Lynch. The picture on the website doesn't look like some crazy alien.

Brian Turner

Kathleen was the Butthole Surfers' on stage dancer, later of the band Beme Seed. She also had the nickname Ta Dah the Shit Lady. That pic is culled from a double live boot the surfers put out in the late 80s.


where can i find more about kathleen lych?

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