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April 07, 2009



This made my night-- thanks for posting it.


Tom Morley,

You're growing old.

Please get a haircut. It's called dignity.


wow! that just ate up my morning, but sooo fab!
thanks BT

Krys O.

"Please get a haircut. It's called dignity."

Wow!!!!!!! What year is this?

will rodgers

Bloody Brilliant! Just watched it and it's highly recommended.
Of course, will never be shown on US tv.
Will wait for the dvd.

Mark in Helsinki

The get a haircut remark was written by a guy called "baldrick" bald rick, perchance?

But yeah, it's probably time to get rid of the hair. After a certain age it just starts to look like you're trying too hard.

Not many men (or women for that matter) can pull off long hair for a lifetime.


Great movie! Thanks Brian! (Though I was hoping for at least a mention of Godflesh, weren't you?)

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