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April 24, 2009


Listener Greg G.

Thanks! I love it.

Perusing the 11/12/66 issue a moment ago, I found an ad for local (Atlanta) band Little Phil & The Nightshadows' latest DOT release right next to a picture of Ray Price & Buck Owens horsing around with a radio station bigwig.

And the next page features a full-page ad for the Standells' Why Pick On Me / Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White 45!

Here's the link. I can see I'll be spending considerable time here!


All those puffy 60's fonts are making my brian soft.


Can't Slow Down was the bestselling album of 1984? Eww.


Anyone else amused that the anti-smut article linked to sits above the headline "White Acts Make Bigger R&B Spurt?"

Colin the Culture Hunter

Oh dear thats my spare time completely sunk. Highly addicitive. What gets me is even when you are warned about how bad the hairstyles were and how tacky some of the ads were they are still scary.


Great reference point, you can date single releases and albums to a closer release date, when some labels actually first started releasing singles, total killer info!
Just found out a guy i've known for years was part of Claude Gray's band when they crashed while on the way to a gig, seeing his name there, I knew he'd been sidelined, but didn't know it was that bad and that a fellow bandmember had died.

Where can I buy the July 14th, 1945 issue of Billboard magazine?
Or a copy of a page of it?


Loz Messer

Trying to locate copies for March 7 -10 1940 - any ideas...

B Rand Nickell

Loz...If you're looking for an actual copy, contact me via my facebook page. If you're seeking copies, try of the U of U (Salt Lake) or Long Beach libraries. Same to the 1945 guy.

L. Montague

How can I obtain copies of several Google Books Billboard issues which ingterest me. Can I purchase the pages or pay to download them?

keith Dolin

I have a copy of Billboard Magazine, Vol. 53, Nr 8, dated Feb 22, 1941, With Dinah Shore on the cover.

Werner Moll

Dear Keith,

I am searching for Billboard's from April through to December 1941. They seem to be disappeared currently. Google books doesn't archive. Record Research (Joel Whitburn) did not support it ... etc.

Do you know something else more?

best regards,

keith Dolin

Dear Werner, The only other one I have is June 26, 1943 with the Andrews sisters on the cover, sorry.

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