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April 07, 2009


Brad Nelson

Someone finished burning a disc in the middle of "Three Korean Children's Songs."

On a less anal note, this post is great not necessarily for the music, but for the attention it attracts to record organization, which I've always found interesting, especially with multiple movements playing under a single heading that are inextricably linked.

Also Hargis was a crazy motherfuck.

Well, okay, this comment merely echoed the post, but I wanted to express my appreciation using more words than "fuck" and "yeah."

William Zeuthen

If you went through all this trouble to cut up the LP tracks properly, why didn't you give the files coherent names? Now I have do it.

Thanks anyway.


Brad - I'll take a look and re-upload it.

William - Whuh? They're named the name of the song and the MP3 tags are set.

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