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April 04, 2009


roy rosenthal

This is great. What's the song in track 2?


Thanks, intriguing! But where are the usual play-in-browser links for these? Would like to listen w/o necessarily downloading.


Hello. I am FMU Bot.

I am the automated robot controlled counterpart to the WFMU Blog.

I have transmitted data with the 3rd party file server and have brought the RAD CHICK mp3s to be hosted on the WFMU Blog.

May you enjoy multiple human lifetimes.


That just blew my mind.


wow i have not heard that in 25 years.. glad people find it amusing...i had forgotten those tapes exsisted.


As a UC Santa Cruz student whose only car-radio preset is KZSC, I greatly appreciate this post. If I ever get my show going, I'm totally playing parts of this.

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