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April 20, 2009


DJ ManRich

His Brass Eye series is well worth getting, if you can find it.
Amazingly funny and incendiary, especially Paedogeddon, a parody of hysterical feature-driven news specials.


I pretty much grew up with Chris Morris in the UK, his stuff is awesome. He also made a TV version of Blue Jam called 'Jam' which was also very good. You can find clips from these on YouTube as well. And there was a 'late night version' called Jaaaaaam, which was just the regular episodes, but cut up and jumping about, as if it was a disc skipping. Also check out his short film 'My Wrongs 8245-8249 & 117'


Blue Jam is sublime. It's a pity he isn't doing any radio any more because I think his radio stuff is better than his TV stuff.

if you like odd audio, check out my podcast - hoskshalfhour.blogspot.com/


The Blue Jam radio show was produced as a six series video programme on Channel 4 after he had made television series "The Day Today" and "BrassEye" (actually seven episodes of the Brasseye season). That's where the "monologues" came from on YouTube. His post-"My Wrongs" is called "Nathan Barley". All are on video.

Chris Morris rules.

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