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April 05, 2009


Jeff Jobson

And people wonder why I never throw anything away! Not that any of MY junk is as good as this...yet. Maybe I should finally release those Vicki Morgan tapes?

Jonathan Steinke

Talk about wet behind the ears!


he's 30 years old here

waylon solos

love the set!

Goyim in the AM

This only reminds me how much I HATED Harvard Law.


Dull? you ain't kiddin'...i dozed off about halfway through!


He almost seems like a Valium-addicted priest in this video. Not the urgency-loving and forcefully eloquent Obama, but a wet-behind-the-ears B-Rock who's pissed he had to miss some bong rips to do this stupid video with a sinus infection.


Super cool! Thanks for posting!


I personally find this more inspiring.


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