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April 20, 2009


M Munro

Wonderful. Ironically, the fidelity of the transfer is pretty good.

Larry from Seattle

That Loverboy one gave me a hell of a flashback to my tape player trying to play a worn out cassette of Loverboy's debut album. My 4:20 stone on 4/20 is ruined......


I'd like to see videos to these.


These gave me the "I can't catch my breath" laughs, esp. the Loverboy.


Gives my MP3 Visualizer a real workout.


Forgive me for spamming, but as fellow 8-track afficionados you may be interested in a new release I'm working on called 8 Track Remind. As far as I'm aware it's the first cartridge to be released in the UK for over twenty years, as is being released by Digital Vomit Records and my new label Dead Air Recordings.

It features some acts you may have heard of, such as PFFR (yes, that PFFR), John Callaghan (ex-Warp Records), Al Duvall, Jansky Noise and Sarah Weis, and some acts you've never heard of, such as Hissing At Swans, The Doomed Bird Of Providence, Daniel Merrill and the Flowers of Evil and more.

It's £20 GBP, including free P+P worldwide, an MP3/FLAC download and a badge, and hopefully some more added bonuses TBA. It's available to pre-order for a limited time from here: It won't be available to buy after release, so if you want a copy you'll need to pre-order it. It won't be stocked anywhere else.

Thanks for reading; hope I've gained your interest! Now to just sit back and watch this message get deleted................

Digital Dave

My affinity for collecting 8-tracks of my teenage years has nothing to do with my love of the music it holds. If I had every single one I once owned, my collection would be substantial and impressive. That being said, what ever condition they are in now, will surely degrade if I attempted to play them again. My MP3 versions give me the sound and spark my nostalgia without destroying my collection. Collect for its own sake, not to stimulate your love for the music of days gone by. I use my iPod for that

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