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April 08, 2009


Andrew Male

45rpm tracks that sounds equally ace at 33 1/3?
i feel a top ten coming on.
Can I add The Osmonds' Crazy Horses 45, which sounds like a stoner rock masterpiece at 33?


I believe Michael Shelley also interviewed her more recently?

just john

45s that sound good at 33 include:

Elton John -- "Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting" sounds like the Rolling Stones, if Mick were drunker than drunk. The guitars sound great!

Archies -- "Sugar Sugar" sounds very soulful.


A: I'm agin r=the Rn'R Hall of fame
B: I just heard this on "Born Bad" Awesome.

Listener Greg G.

Thanks for the reminder about Wanda being on Michael Shelley's show, James. I added that information to the post.


the funnel of love has always been one of my favorite songs. AND wanda still rocks live, catch her where you can! thanks for the slowed down vibe


I like the slowed down version. Sounds like an outtake from The Gun Club's "Miami" sessions with a different vocalist. Can't be Jeffrey Lee Pierce -- every note isn't sharp.

Ray Brazen

Here's a link to YouTube footage of Wanda at the Rock Hall Dinner last Saturday. Oh my god. The girl can still growl like she did in '58. Close your eyes and try to tell the difference. Justice in this world.

Ray Brazen

ooops actually it's from a couple days before the rock hall thing... doesn't matter...


This is really cool. It sounds like Conway Twitty underwater.


Absolutely brilliant!

Funny thing is, I was shocked to see this post as I have been listening to the original quite a bit in the last week. I put it on my Spring mix CD. Whoa, some kind of cosmik consciousness, I guess.

But this slowed down version adds a whole new dimension!


Check out "Superstar" by the Carpenters -- Karen's normal edge of heartache descends into a magical fog of wrist-slashing gloom.

Also, John Oswald's "Pretender" does a similar thing with Dolly Parton -- she sounds far more realistic as a man than she does in her usual helium-charged register, which gives the lyrics of "The Great Pretender" an added edge of mystery.


it really sounds like it has been recorded like this :
1) the instruments
2) the voice of a man with the instruments slowed down to 331/3 rpm.
3) everything back to 45 rpm


Tin Machine did a really good cover of "Funnel of Love". And now I'm fascinated by the idea of a 45 to 33 mix/radio show.

Chris Acklin

Cheers for this. I've been in Wanda's thrall since I was a kid and have been especially drawn to 'Funnel of Love'. I'd forgotten what a brilliantly enrapturing tune it is until I heard it again on the soundtrack to last years' 'RocknRolla'. VERY sexy!

Great ear-opening post. Thanks.

Ned Bodie

Best copy version of Funnel of Love in my opinion is that done by the Detroit Cobras. The best damn real rock and roll band in the world.


OK, so as "fshrthw" noted above, that 45 played at 33 definitely sounds like a guy, not a slowed-down girl, but, in any case, is there any way to simulate this with mp3s? In other words, is there a shareware program or an iTunes add-on or something like that that would enable us to play our existing mp3 collections at slower speeds? I mean, 33 1/3rpms is 74% slower than 45rpms, so if we could play an mp3 at 74% speed, it would be the same effect, right? I'll bet there's a lot of similarly interesting gems hidden away in there if only there's some way to hear 'em!


The slowed version made me feel strange.

Sort of like watching the "Beverly Hillbillies" with the sound turned off, all the while listening to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" backwards!

rey cruz

you *can* simulate this with dj software like Traktor DJStudio.
Thanks for the reminder! I'm having fun playing around with it now. I started with high pitched vocal groups BeeGees & Four Seasons. I like what it does with the lead vocals but not so much with the backing voices. I like how Valli sounds like a mush-mouthed soul man.
Dinah Washington sounds like a bad Sammy Davis Jr impression and
Prince's "I Feel For You" is even mo' sexy and mo' funky.

ogg vorbis

Another better-at-33 45 is "Sushi", by Q - later Stacey Q. She turns from an obnoxious twee bitch to a sultry French bitch, and the entirely plastic music doesn't change at all.

But if you really like gothic, try Mahler's Sixth at half-speed.

And Audacity ain't God's gift to audio, but it's free and you can do the 45-at-33 thing (or vice versa) to any MP3 with it.
Try Barry White at 45 RPM. Disco it isn't...


Cerrone's song : "je suis Music" played at 16 is an incredible Garbled dub jam


David Lee Roth's "Just a Gigolo" SOunds awesome played at 33 ⅓ rpm. So, Audacity can do this? How? And can anything else? I'd rather run files through a command line program than use Audacity. Can Garage Band do this? (It really seems like it should be able to, but I'm not an audio geek).

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