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April 06, 2009



Keep in mind, though, that beekeeping is illegal in some places (like New York City). It's not the sort of thing that gets prosecuted much, but it's still a good idea to check the local regulations before you start.

And if the neighbors complain, a jar of real honey goes a long way to make friends...


I've heard that in some instances that local honey mitigates the effects of hay fever. Also, Bronwyn, I have a very complete book on apiary published by an apiary supply house in upstate NY (maybe this same place) in the late 70s. I will poke around and see if someone is selling a different edition or a reprint cheaper and email you what I come up with.
The above poster is correct, don't underestimate the power of neighborhood busybodies to prevent people from doing anything out of the ordinary. In their defense bee sting allergies are not to be trifled with.

Thomas Rohde

VERY cool!

As a big fan of your site and a hobby beekeeper I enjoyed this blog entry very much.

Thanks, and good luck + lots of fun with your bees.

Cheers from Germany, Tom

michael C

Great post! And if you don't want to take care of a hive, you can be a bee watcher! Apparently, NYC has about 200 species of native bees. My favorite is the carpenter bee, which are those giant hairy bees that emerge in spring in backyards around NYC. Our native bees are even more important pollinators than hive bees because they pollinate native flowers. And of course they need your help too. Check out:
Bless the bees!
listener Michael

Mike B.

There is a species of bee in norther New Jersey that lays carpet and flies in a "V' wedge formation like Canada geese.

Not really, but I have no one else to talk to today.

Still no strong explanation for the woes befalling honeybees these days, huh? I'm way more worried about this than Kim Jong Il's typodongs.

Ken from Hyde Park

Yep, Rosendale is cool. It's not far from here. My kids like the nature museum at the Mohonk Visitor Center ( just below the hairpin turn on Hwy 44/55 above New Paltz.

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