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April 20, 2009


M Munro

J.G. Ballard died? Shit. I need to stop relying on CNN for my news.

tim from Radio Clash

Can I suggest one thing? Podcast. It's great for those 'must broadcast this' instant moments ;-)

But yeah, sad. His later books seem to have a sort of cantankerous, harsh look on the world, but I will always love Empire of the Sun, best child's view of a war, and probably adults other than maybe Vonnegut, ever.


If you pretend to do the show, I'll pretend I'm listening.

No, seriously.

Brother Francis

Try the BBC's website, M Munro.


Concrete Island: piss on your competition.

Listner Jim

I guess your Holly Hunter reference shows that you're not tit-blind, Former-DJ Bronwyn.

Bronwyn C.

Nope, and I never forget a penis, either.


No doubt Ballard would be thrilled that even his obit uncorks an outpouring of repressed aggression and sexuality...

M Munro

K: Beautiful.

Francis: Capital idea.


I'm going to miss him. A great writer. The movie of Crash doesn't do justice to the book.


The Firecracker is Bronwyn?


I'm a Ballard fan, but I'm a bigger Bronwyn fan. Please, please, please start audio broadcasting again soon. You're loved & missed dearly!


I agree Cronenberg's CRASH is but a pale shadow of Ballard's CRASH, and I speak as a Cronenberg fan. I tried to read CRASH back in the 80s and could not get through it; it wasn't difficult reading, in the way Burroughs can be, but it possessed a powerfully unsavory quality, as if one were reading the diary of a pederast, or inhabiting the mind of an insane person. When Cronenberg's adaptation was announced, I decided I'd try the book again. I was able to complete the book on my second attempt, though I found it no less creepy and difficult, but when I reached the end, I knew I had read one of the great contemporary novels, and I do plan to revisit it again. The film was brittle and superficial by contrast, and doesn't in the least tap into or convey the deep unease and derangement as does the book.

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