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April 07, 2009


Ray Brazenbrann

Suggested bonus track: Alice donut's version. Remeber that one? That was a pretty brassy take too...


Freakwater also did a fine version of this song.


Here's a link to the Alice Donut track, in all its blaring snazziness:


It's hard to beat those first four Black Sabbath records. I still listen to them regular-like.


Me too! I listen to all the Ozzy/Sabbath albums regularly. There's a great Henry Rollins bit where he suggests that El Niño should be renamed "The First Four Black Sabbath Albums."

Mike Flugennock

My wife is about ten years older than I, and we have a sort of intra-Baby Boom generation-gap issue regarding protest music. She's firmly in the PeterPaul&Mary-Joan Baez school of protest songs, whereas my favorite protest songs are things like The Clash's "London's Burning", The Who's version of "Summertime Blues" from Live At Leeds, and Sabbath's inimitable "War Pigs".

Still in all, you can't slam Dylan's "Masters Of War". It may be played in the folk idiom, but it's decidedly not whiny -- a rarity, a folkie protest song with some real balls to it -- and is, in fact, one of my favorite anti-war songs, right up there with "War Pigs".

Wendy del Formaggio

Thanks, Wm.!

Haha, I like the Henry Rollins suggestion. We should all call our congresspeople and suggest it.


You all rule. As a trombonist, I was all ready to chime in with, "What about Alice Donut?" but two of you already beat me to it.


doormouse 4eva!!!!!!!


>>>I listen to all the Ozzy/Sabbath albums regularly.

backed... well, honestly, i don't much go in for technical ecstasy very much. the others are all top shelf.


At the time Technical Ecstasy came out, it seemed like a low point—but now I like it a lot. C'mon, "Back Street Kids" -- "Gypsy" -- "Rock and Roll Doctor"!!!

Ray Brazen

Yo what about Sabotage? That's my personal favorite. Might it be anyone else's? The only track that makes it less than perfection for me is "Supertzar." The rest is golden, man.


Back to "War Pigs", check out the Alex Skolnick Trio's jazzolicious version:

Sabbath rules. I even like some of the Dio days.

And a shameless plug. Here's the Crumbsuckers doing "Sweet Leaf" back in 1984:

Nick the Bard

Black Sabbath
Never Say Die
Mob Rules
Vol. 4/Master of Reality
Technical Ecstsy
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

That's my order, out of what I've heard albumwise anyway. I REALLY wish the non-Ozzy-non-Dio stuff were easier to obtain...


"Sabotage" is their Sgt. Pepper's & I love the duds they're wearing on the front (& back) of the record. Don't forget 'Into the Void' off of the Master of Reality album - some fine apocalyptic sludge. They could write the ominous riffs, couldn't they?

laura c

The Dresden Dolls do a FANTASTIC live version of "War Pigs".


The South African hard rock band Suck did a good version on their Time To Suck LP.


I'm pretty sure I saw the Flaming Lips do "War Pigs" on a broadcast of Austin City Limits. Or did I merely dream that?


Cake are the gayest band ever to be put into FM alt-rock rotation.


Give it up for FNM already. There is no more furious version.


There was a band called SUCK that released an album of covers in 1970 which contained a version of War Pigs. From the beginning, others thought that Black Sabbath were classik! Hard to believe that the first Sabbath record was recorded so cheaply (like 600 pounds?) and sounds infinitely better than so much that's been released since!


Oh, and yes, the Lips DID do War Pigs on Austin City Limits with guest Cat Power (Chan Marshall...or whatever). Not bad, although treated more as a novelty than a real attempt at the song.

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