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April 08, 2009


John L

My favorite Lou The Duck story: Some time between 10/20/88 - 11/4/88 (that's how I label my tapes...) Lou was on the air complaining about the War of The Worlds remake that featured Jason Robards amongst others. Lou was believing it until he recognized Jason's voice. He then went into a tirade about how they would have had him if Jason hadn't blown it. In the middle of this tirade, the turntable with his bed music started to die, slowing down and then stopping. Then it went backwards! Rix was in the studio with him, talking with him while this was going on. Lou started laughing hysterically as he watched it.

A classic FMU moment. Ken should have a RealAudio copy of it that I sent him years ago. (My Yahoo briefcase version of it went away when Yahoo killed the Yahoo briefcase.) I can send another one if you like.

I have a few other Lou The Duck moments on tape but I'd have to go back and listen to them to see how worthwhile they'd be to share.

He was one of my favorite FMU DJs back then. I was sorry when he left and sorry to hear he's died. He provided some great radio.


John L aka lipwak

Doug Chuka

I was on FMU with Lou from 1972-1975. He was always a great guy and I learned a lot about being on the air from him. I was sorry to hear of his passing.
Doug Chuka

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