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April 03, 2009


Michael Munro

How can I contact these guys? I'd love to invite them to the Play:STL festival in St. Louis.


I see the bass player every Sunday, shopping at Trader Joe's. I'll make sure to tell him that STL is looking for him.


Oops, I meant singer. I didn't mean to write bass player.


you meant to write bass 'player'


best show of sxsw. i got a bloody nose and kept moshing.


If you really do see the singer, tell him to submit an EPK at I'd appreciate it! Thanks!


Magnificent band - thanks for this.

And to Munro - F*CK that Sonicbids bullsh*t. It's the 21st century equivalent of "Pay to Play". Utter crap.


anyone have song titles? 6 is metro atleast...
Who do you have to blow to get the Mayyors to Europe?

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