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April 08, 2009



Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!


Once again, a home run!

Louisville Dan

Yes, truly amazing, mind altering bafflement!

Lee R.

My pleasure - and to John, "Ripoff USA" is going to be on the next volume.

Carl Howard

Are we as mere mortals worthy to encompass such magnificence? I don't know!

Colin the Culture Hunter

My goodness- Munchikins is going to cause me a short spell in hospital- is there a Ralph Lowe Appreciation Society at all. I wish all my Sundays were filled with these discoveries.

Thank you so much.

Dan Saville

Hello Ralph Lowe,
I am in search of one of my songs that you may have done on an album entitled, The Now Sounds Of Today. The album was done at Columbine Records, in California I believe, about 23-25 years ago. I received a copy of the album when it was released but I divorced shortly after and the album left with her.
The name of the song on that album is entitled, "Blue eyes you and me"! I would sure appreciate it if you could point me in the direction of finding a copy of that album, or at least a copy of that song on it.
Please contact me one way or the other at, or call me at (208)743-0329
Thanks A Million for your time and help.
My Best Regards,
Dan Saville

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