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April 12, 2009



aww man, spot on with most of your gripes with NPR, but Ira Glass? I love that guy's show.


Callers that are compelled to reveal the incredulous fact they don't watch television

What exactly is an "incredulous fact"?

mark from helsinki

For all this griping about NPR, you'd think this was some blog sponsored by, erm, Andy Rooney and CBS! However, WFMU IS a freeform radio station, and just like when you're listening to 'FMU, why not just change the station if a particular show irritates you about NPR?

I can tell you this, life would be a hell of a lot worse if NPR didn't exist, warts and all, and everything was all Clear Channel crap.

I LOVE WFMU. Really has given me a new lease on my radio life!

But you know one thing I hates about 'FMU?

The too cool for school hipster listener clique.

Get over yourselves!

... Ummm... One thing REALLY bugs me about Prairie Home Companion is that he doesn't bother to write new fake commercial gags... Ketchup and Rhubarb are so 1987!


You're wrong. Ira Glass is annoying as hell.

Jack Meoff

Meh. If I have to hear one more ostensibly-amusing commentary from the Russian-accent guy Andrei Caudresku (your spelling may vary), I think I may vomit all over my Splendid Table totebag.


This is officially the whiny-est collection of whining over the littlest things I ever seen in my life. I don't check this site a lot but I thought it was OK, and wondered why people mock it so much. Now I know.


how's this for little things: Ira Glass, start pronouncing the letter "l". Its not going to hurt you.


WAMU in Washington dropped the bluegrass format years ago. In fact, they sent it packing onto an Internet channel and HD shadow station. Now it's all talk with a smattering of music (jazz, folk) on weekends.

But the reason I won't ever give that station money is because of a smarmy, pretentious thing they play every weekday morning at 6:35 starring Garrison Keillor. It's called "The Writer's Almanac" and he drones on and on in his special NPR brie-and-cabernet way about all sorts of unknown dead writers who are celebrating their birthdays. If you're really lucky, Garrison will read one of their poems.

Needless to say, 6:35 is the perfect time to hit the bathroom for a shit and shower. By the time you're done, they're back to Morning Edition, which replaced the perfectly fine Bob Edwards with two people who have done nothing to improve that show.

By the way, check out how much the hosts of Morning Edition and All Things Considered are paid. Very nice six-figures. Maybe it's time they take a hit like all the lame local TV anchors who are disappearing for much cheaper labor.


NPR is still valuable. Though I do have complaints.

I can't stand the NPR station interruptions during the shows. It used to be only once and hour, then the last few years programming has added a couple more interruptions ( at 20 past, 20 of ) either for sponsor advertisements or to incessantly plug upcoming shows.

I gave up listening to the local NPR station in the morning because of the near constant traffic and weather report interruptions.


NPR is the last beacon of light in the state of Oklahoma. There are three major state news stations and they are all in a three way competition to be Fox news/Joseph Goebbels. Thank you NPR for standing strong.

Tom Stein

I thought that NPR stood for National Pentagon Radio.

Amazed at Stupidity

"Politically Correct Pronunciation"? Umm, no. There is nothing political about it, it is merely CORRECT pronunciation. You Americans continuously forget that there is a world outside your borders, and even though much of it still hates or is annoyed by you, they still try to pronounce English words correctly.

Americans seem to feel that the world must conform to their myopic vision of reality, and this is but one piece of the proof of that. All you do by pronouncing words incorrectly, is sound like the uneducated buffoons that you are.


Number 8 - Snap. I'm of Irish ancestory, and keep waiting for someone to speak in an Irish brogue when they talk about Ireland stuff. However, you missed another thing to hate about NPR....one that bugs me the most. When they do interviews with non-English speakers, they let the person talk for 5 minutes before they start the translation. I get it - people speak different languages. Just pipe me the translation right away please.


Haven't heard NPR in years.
Am I the only one who noticed that Maria Hinojosa keeps slipping out of her Hispanic accent.


Mike in MO: Diane has spasmodic dysphonia, a neurological disorder that causes her vocal chords to spasm uncontrollably. She has to get regular botox injections directly into the vocal chords to stem the problem. You say nails on a chalkboard, I say more power to her.


I like NPR.


"You Americans continuously forget that there is a world outside your borders"
its not that we forget; its that we could care less. *rasberries* to you!


The thing that drives me most nuts about a lot of the news shows on NPR is their insistence on two to five seconds of people speaking in other languages before they start to give you a translation. I don't really give a darn about how a language I don't speak sounds, and then listening to someone in English speak over someone in another language just makes it harder for me to understand -- particularly when the accents match.

Tim Serpas

I had to quit ATC during the 2004 election and the pain inflicted by Bush's lies and Kerry's lameness.

But I will fight anyone who doesn't like Andre Codrescu.


HEY MIKE P., your commentary is mystifying, because as Turtle pointed out, WAMU has not carried bluegrass in a long time, unless you have HD radio. And WETA has not carried NPR news/talk programming in a while, for that matter. It's all music by dead white dudes. But I agree that these stations are dreadful and boring. Radio in D.C. is horrible. You can't even pick up the vaguely sorta-half-decent WRNR or WTMD from there. Just awful.

The commenter from Sacramento makes an excellent point: The worst thing about NPR is that it gobbles up college stations (Baltimore's WJHU was just one of many), takes them away from the students, eliminates everything unusual, and replaces it all with canned NPR/PRI programming and maybe a miniscule amount of professionally-produced, snooze-worthy local material. (Appropriating the vicious and immoral methods of right-wing "non-commercial" Christian radio and its demon "translator" spawn is not the way to operate.) This hasn't happened in the NYC area though.

Dale, I do NOT want to hear someone with spasmodic dysphonia on the air. Diane Rehm's voice is HORRIFYING. She sounds like a 115-year-old who is about to be eaten alive by 66 different types of cancer as well as 15 simultaneous strokes, all while gargling shards of glass. And Garrison Keillor makes me want to tear out my eardrums and stomp on them. I don't know how to describe the horror evoked by his nightmarishly smug, arrogant prattle and the shockingly condescending, faux-old-timey, deadpan-snooty, faux-ironic Prairie Home Companion.

I like Car Talk. Those guys are funny.


I used to consider Ira Glass the most redeeming thing on NPR before I learned that his show belongs to a completely separate entity, PRI or Public Radio International. I learned that from the director of NPR Berlin, who wanted me to help convince Ira Glass & co. to let them broadcast This American Life in Berlin. He hasn't given permission yet.


You're SO RIGHT about the cheesy music bumpers in examples 2 and 9. Pretentiousness is an NPR hallmark.

And why not mention Diane Rhem? Listening to her show is like getting a root canal without an anesthetic.


I realize that it's the result of her health issues, but am I the only person who is filled with dread at the sound of Diane Rheim's voice? Then, once the dread wears off, it's replaced by a low, simmering level of annoyance, like her voice is a mild itch that I can't reach, or the little kid three rows up in the movie theatre who won't stop talking.

just wonderin'

Who the heck is Henry Krinkle? Isn't it odd that his name is the same as the one Travis offers in "Taxi Driver" when talking with the Secret Service guy? And that he doesn't like hip hop (despite living on Hopper Ave.?). Irony.

Travis: . . . My name is Henry Krinkle. K-R-I-N-K-L-E. 154 Hopper Avenue.
Agent: Hopper?
Travis: Yeah. You know like a rabbit, hip, hop. Ha, ha. Fair Lawn, New Jersey.


WTF is a "spanish accent"? "spanish" is a geographical term, not a the description of any language ever invented. in the geographical space called "spain" (asspain, if you want to pronouce it better), there are many "sapnish" or "asspainful" languages that ignorant americans never managed to figure out how the hell to make out. there is portuguese, there is andalusian, there is CATALONIAN for christ's sake! there is basque, their is the infamous shitty castilian, etc... so, again, WTF is a "spanish accent", a F southamerican accent? why not in portuguese, why not in Catalonian, why not in basque, why not in... People so ignorant that only now the pig spic "asspainful" the southamericans (minus the great brazilians) peddle, are pitiful creeps.

A Proud Catalonian signs this.

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