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April 22, 2009


The Contrarian

The March 7, 1969 edition of Time had this to say about the crash:

At Dunreith, Ind., 250 residents had to be evacuated for 48 hours after two freight trains sideswiped, releasing flammable and poisonous liquids that resulted in a ten-hour fire and a huge explosion. The fire destroyed a cannery—Dunreith's major industry—and seven houses; cyanide pollution of the water persisted for several months. The wreck, which cost the railroad $ 1,000,000, was caused by a defective rail that would have cost $50 to repair.

Here is a recent discussion board post about the 1968 crash.

Bill CAry

Carroll County, Kentucky was the site of the 1988 bus crash involving a church bus returning home which was hit by a habitual drunk driver. Porter's song sounds like an eerie prediction of the events twenty years in his future of that night on I-71.


Amazing! I drive past this place whenever I come back from Newcastle Prison. I'll look for the historical marker next time.

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