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April 23, 2009



Wow what an awesome fest. I think I'd skip the tour and just go to the restaurant.
Have you ever tried Special Export from Wisconsin? Tastes like apples.
It is possible to own too many hoodies, BYW.


If you live in that area I am very quickly becoming a huge fan of Green Flash brewing. It isn't too far from Stone from what I hear. I would highly recommend at least checking out their beers.


I went to the Bud brewery in New Hampshire back in 1973-
the halfway point of the tour was a giant room above the bottling line-
two taps at the end-Bud and Michelob...... this was back when Heineken was high end,
and the only GOOD beer was from Europe-
But-the guy let my girlfriend and I drink nonstop for half and hour- then we stumbled
out to the stables to visit those giant horses.
Thanks for bringing back memories. There's a new brewery up the street from me in Portland,Or- called "Hopworx Urban Brewery"- if ya need a tour, go around back and follow
the Bob Marley tunes..... :)

Mike Yahwak

ABA is one of my favorites however I can only get in bottles, Stone IPA is one of my favorite..
Dog Fish head, is quite good but extremely over priced.
For a good Ale at a good Price try the MENDOCINO Brands,

Jeff Jobson

Stone brewery makes some of my favorite beers, but the founder of the brewery has a musical connection to me that precedes it. Steve Wagner was in a terrific L.A. band from the 80s, The Balancing Act. They played live a lot around town, and had several releases before breaking up in 1989. If you get a chance, be sure to listen to the albums "Three Squares and a Roof" and "Curtains". And if you return to the brewery, see if you can meet Mr. Wagner and complement both his music and his beer!


ok, good to know steve has redeemed himself for all those balancing act records!

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