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April 03, 2009


Listener Tom

I spent a lot of time in Xenia as a kid ... my Grandparents house was destroyed. Sitting there in the rubble was the toilet, completely unharmed! They rebuilt and lived there for years. It's nothing like Gummo, fortunately. The Baker song is awesome, thanks for posting. My family will be happy to hear it.


This is a fascinating article!

Are there such records for other disasters and events? Like you say, it adds a certain evocative poignancy that ordinary journalism just can't convey.

Chris Atwood

I think that the bluegrass group Dry Branch Fire Squad also sang about this event in a song called O What A Storm. I'm not sure if they wrote it....or what record it is on.


Goddamn, that song gave me a chill.

I grew up near Xenia and spent a lot of time there as a kid. My grandma, who lived in Cedarville, passed away in the Xenia hospital. The tornado was really a part of local lore. My uncle lived there at the time and lost his house. But I have to say that while Gummo creates a very fictionalized version of Xenia, the feeling of the town that it taps into is dead on. I really hate that place. Nothing good ever happened to me or my family there. A tornado hit it about eight or nine years ago. It wasn't as massive, but it was destructive all the same.


I actually just stumbled onto this page. I had the unfortunate experience of subjecting myself to the movie Gummo. I am sorry but I 1. am a movie lover but that was possibly thee worst ever. 2. I am from ohio, and no thats not why i didnt like the movie. I am also interested in Tornados. So i guess the moral of the story is of Xenia is anything like portrayed in the Gummo movie, sorry but no great loss there.

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