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April 29, 2009


just john

Permit me to spend a moment complaining about the HUGE length of the URL of the permalink to that post.

I mean, come on:


Brian Turner

yeah, whoops.

Posted without giving the article a title, by the time I did, it had formed the URL based on the intro line.

Hope you aren't writing out URLs all day by hand.

just john

When passing that url along, I also included the url of the story above it, in case the initial url wrapped too weirdly to allow easy rebuilding of it.

(Yeah, I know tinyurl exists, but since I've seen it used so much for rickrolling, I avoid it. I even imagine a Joan Jett takeoff, "I Hate Tinyurl! Just another case of rickroll, baby ...")

Brian Turner

Uh, OK then.


You can avoid being rickrolled via TinyURL by typing in "preview" as a subdomain in front of the TinyURL address. For instance:

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