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April 30, 2009



I really like your music!

Brad Nelson

I checked out Grazhdanskaya Oborona right after Letov died. The impulse was driven purely by a MySpace bulletin Kevin sent out upon hearing the news, where he detailed the immense influence they had on Pink Reason's existence.

Now, again thanks to Kevin and WFMU, I am privy to even more of this Russian punk that is raw, spare and mad as hell.

I guess I just wanted to say thanks.


Kevin turned me on to Yanka as well. I've got five cds of her stuff now. It is uneven but the good stuff is brilliant. And once you've heard it, it becomes pretty obvious that it is one of the foundations of Pink Reason.


Thanks for this. I took out those big pops and skips in the middle, boosted it a bit with more of a higher end, and you can find that mp3 here if you're interested:


I have taken a pleasure in reading this article! Thank you very much! Yanka was a great poet and her songs are powerful and fresh in the Russian reality to this day.


I had found a Гражданская Оборона record a decade back when I was in Kazakhstan, but didn't really know who they were until reading this. The Yanka track you posted is killer. I wanted more, and found I think everything she ever inadvertantly recorded here:

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