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May 24, 2009


Jonathan Steinke

Nice, Kliph! Dada versions of the vids where trailers of "Taxi Driver" and "The Shining" are edited as comedies. Comedy and drama removed from its original context and edited always makes it more cool.


It's difficult to say whether ALF is a drama, a comedy, a dramady, a malady, a chassis, a chalice, or pure malice.


Fantastic stuff. Friends of order can note that the dad in Alf has gone on record to say that "Its a miracle nobody knew what a trainwreck the show was." When they wrapped up the last episode he just got in his car and drove away, no goodbyes.


My one talent is that I can do a pretty good Alf impression


Whenever I see whole seasons of Alf available on DVD at the store, I have to wonder who's buying them, and how many bodies they have stashed in their basements.

I remember the Alf cartoon actually being kind of funny... but I was young and would watch just about anything on TV at that point.

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