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May 23, 2009


Listener #7170

Freakin' A, Goddamn right!!!!! My personal freedom does not need government control. This could potentially turn into a screed about our lost freedoms and the role of government in our lives, but I will not go there. Kudo's to the freedom loving woman!!!!!! Guts and character, the foundation of America. davek


"There is no helmet law for adults in Austin.
in 2006: The Council briefly considered bringing back the all-ages law, but ultimately took no action."

Oran Kelley

If you love your freedom to take risks so much, simply forgo all public assistance if things go wrong--risk-takers unite, form your own insurance companies to pay for all emergency response and medical costs stemming from your risk taking. So long as you are not a single penny into my pocket, you are free to do as you will. BUT if you want to take risks I don't approve of and then get resucued and treated on my dime. Then die or wear a goddamned helmet you sissy.


Hey, don't call my Mom a sissy! She'd forgotten her medication.


Caution: Darwin at work.


Forgive the platitude, but only in America.

Jonathan Steinke

Of course, you DO know I only posted this because she tore into song, don't you?

Jonathan Steinke

Of course, you DO know I only posted this because she tore into song, don't you?


I figured it was her rambling, incoherent introduction. The song's a nice touch, though.


yeah she has balls
but maybe that fall in 85(without a helmet) took her common sense away

great vid

that lady is a trainwreck

William Zeuthen

Bike helmets and terrorists are the same. You should never let fear win.


Those songs sound like the songs my girlfriend sings to the cats in the morning about things like getting fed and birds outside.

Brian C.

She reminds me of Mo Tucker.
Sorry, Mo.


I've never been to a city council meeting that did not have a display of this caliber.

Mark in Helsinki

I think the fact that this happened in Texas and she was not immediately escorted out of the room by burly Texas Rangers say a lot about how democracy still works, if oddly, in the US.

And I concur with bartelby's comment that this sort of patriotism-chutzpah (perhaps sans "dittys") happens in city council and town hall meetings every single business day of the year, all over the country.

Jonathan Steinke

I've never actually been to a city council meeting so maybe I'll have to sit in on some of my local action. St. Louis has to have at least one council song-wielding weirdo.

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