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May 15, 2009



While I appreciate your desire to expand into new media, I am left gobsmacked with an ornate gothic lettered WTF floating above my forehead....

Far better to just put a "donate" button on the blog header and be done with it, yes? Or move the current donate thingy to the top of the page where you can see it??? Why on earth would I want to pay Amazon for a gelded version of this blog?


Sorry to hear you've decided to become a subscription-only blog, and that you're unable to offer Beware of the Blog for "free". It hasn't been "free" for me in past. I've supported 'FMU with pledges because of all of the nifty things you've posted in/on Beware of the Blog, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this. But I don't plan to pay Amazon to access you going forward, and so suppose I'll have to do without. Do appreciate the past years, though. Thanks.


Better yet, a Beware of the Blog twitter stream...

Goyim in the AM

Peter didn't get great scores on his reading comprehension tests in school.


this must be a joke i don't get.

Ron D

This is the first step into a very deep hell.


Different people like to consume their media different ways... some people even like their zunes, go figure. >IF< you have a kindle and you like to consume all your blogs offline (on a plane or at the beach or wherever) then this is something that might be of interest to you.

The fact that the blog is now available on a new decive doesnt affect your ability to read it on your computer as you've always done.

Mark in Helsinki

Hear Hear, d!

Peter seems to just have been waiting for any change at all at WFMU (or was it WMFU?) in order to click send on his "unsubscribe" manifesto.

Take a chill pill, and just wait for Amazon to change their policy. They have to or they will shortly go out of business.

Who would actually pay for this particular blog without the A/V (and in black and grey) anyway? The links, videos and music are usually what makes this blog great.

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