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May 04, 2009



New York Times is NOT an anagram for Write, Monkey comma or no comma. It's an anagram for Write, MonkeyS.

I guess they didn't have the New York time to check their spelling.

BTW: The longest one-word anagram is hydroxydeoxycorticosterones and hydroxydesoxycorticosterone. Though, they say, the longest "non-scientific" one-word anagram is conversationalists and conservationalists.

Annual Oxen Lipid (my name anagrammed)


The problem with what they say about the longest nonscientific anagram is that "conservationalists" isn't a legitimate word.


I'd go with "Monkeys Write". You don't need any punctuation....


You and Dr. Colby are friends again?


Wow! You're right about the non-word conservationalists! This has shifted my perception of the universe just that little noticeable iota!

Does that mean I get my Greenpeace donation back?

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