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May 13, 2009



ha! so what was the deal then?




Why not confess it - Jeff Koons threatened to sue you! ;)


Noooo no no no, no threats or anything. Seriously, it's a boring story where stuff was messed up and we owed them an apology, that's all. Not trying to be cagey or anything.


Still made for great radio.

doomsday fartshadow

smells like lawyerses.
but seriously, at least explain how a box from that museum gets there in the first place?

and, does Liz still have a job? ha- i figured she should be the one to make the retraction, so i'm a little worried...


I think this was just 'FMUs version of a Happening.


Look I promise there were no lawyers involved. Of course Liz still has a job.

Uncle Fester

See http://tinyurl.com/qnbkvy.


Dietl still don't care.

doomsday fartshadow

hee hee! it was used as a bar at a station party. perhaps everyone was too drunk to remember, or liz wasn't invited or didn't notice...lol
but the question still remains- where do you get something like that- unless you dumpster dived said museum? ;)

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