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May 10, 2009


travis pitts

ha! (mitch) spacesick's a buddy of mine, and his run of books was inspired by olly moss's run of movie posters, and all three of us were cross inspired, and i ended up with some movie posters of my own.

Mitch's talent makes me sick with envy!

Brad Nelson

Holy shit those Wu-Tang covers are INSANE.


I wish he was remaking the records, as you said, and not just the covers. Some enterprising young producer should complete the cycle. Also, those family photos are INSANE.

Resident Clinton

@Travis - Thanks for more info on Spacesick.

Everyone, Travis Pitts is another designer I am absolutely a fan of! Be sure and visit his site Zom-Bot for some samples of his work. Oh, yeah, and did I mention that he designed a certain WFMU premium?

@Jim - Are you trying to diss the Wu Tang? Killa bees attack!!!!! While not every album is a gem, when the RZA gets in the production booth the results are usually quite tasty.


Ray Cycle came to my elementary school in Orange, CT in the early-mid 80s and sad to say I can still remember parts of his horrible Ray Cycle song :(

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