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May 18, 2009



You should probably check out the LP made by famous Country&Western tailor/designer "Nudie" called "Nudie and His Mandolin", not as bad as this, but only because he convinced Nashville veterans to back him up.

Pluto of Pluto

Deliciously awful!

We Willy

It wasn't just Anton. The brothers Husak seemed to share a flair for the dramatic ending as evidenced by the sudden and gratuitous appearance of sharks at the end of "I'm Surfing". The denouement of Anton's "Indianola"(sung by George) also took us by surprise, for while we fully expected that our cowboy hero would return to Indianola to find his sweetie swept off her feet we were unprepared for the who and how. This of course may say as much about our deficiency of climatic lore as it does about our weakness for climactic gore. BTW, we think that the 45 version of "I'm Surfing" is wholly deserving of the honour bestowed upon it by Dr. Demento.


Ole Anton should have done it before recorded that
bloody awful bit of #&@%


Well I did think that Hugh Volk's "Mass Medium" was the worst LP ever recorded...actually I still do but this comes a very close second. If I ever get round to ripping it and putting it online I'll pass it round like a joint of the worst shit you ever smoked


This is worse than the Shaggs how?

Colin The Culture Hunter

Cold Cold Heart ? Another sonic bat in the face

Stunning collection you have there Bob- I cant compete with this sort of quality as much as I'd like to.


This is really special. Thanks for posting!

opiniona are like

Shaggs bad? Not now, not ever.

Ben Century

Almost as bad as the band "The Thrown Ups"


shit man, that's what i was lookin' for. thought i'd found an mp3 of nudie and his mando. i've got the lp but no way to burn it.


Here a link to an excerpt from a Dr. Demonto show in 1985. Then it was featured in a World's Worst Records show. "I'm Surfing" from what he says is an "unreleased tape". I'm guessing this was the demo :)

It's REALLY bad!,%20part%29.mp3

Reinier Post

I think this is a great song, with a great singer and good guitar playing; the guitar is a little out of tune, but only the bass is completely off (playing the wrong chords).

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