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May 18, 2009



Christian Techno band? Really?


Bronwyn, we love you! And Sluggo too. Best wishes for more happy years together!
Looking forward to news of your band, Bronwyn.

For those of you considering marriage...Elope- it is lovely. I recommend it.
The two can do whatever they wish!
We eloped to CIty Hall, Manhattan. We selected our witness by asking someone already there, waiting for their 5 minutes with the judge. Wore our favorite clothes that we already owned. Spent $50 on flowers for our little apt. in which we were already living. Paid for taxis both ways. We prepared our favorite food(s) and drink that evening while listening to our favorite music. Tons of sex and the next day lazy and fun. We made photos of each other with small film cameras during the wedding day. We handed one camera to our witness who made a few snaps of us. Also, we made any snapshots we wished of the beautiful day. We told families and friends (word of mouth) soon thereafter and they said congratulations etc. We expected no gifts and received one casually. This was an experience where the phrase "no worries" truly applied.


Hey, Like you said "It's the marriage that counts."
It is a shame that a building that's sanctified for God has fallen into that poor state.
But remember, Man looks at the outside but, God looks at the heart.


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