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May 24, 2009



Yep. I met a guy who was trying to start a business selling permiculture set-ups to apartment dwellers. I just don't think they were interested, and that he wasn't a highly strung Entrepreneur-type didn't help.

Read an article on eco-snobs yesterday- reminded me of a woman I learnt much garden-lore off, who would constantly berated me- "didn't you know this?,- didn't you know that?". She was still awesome.

I've found many books are inferior to zines for what you seem to be looking for. And internet trumps zines these days.


Jrld - truthfully, I've gotten so much information from the Internet and it has the added benefit of how-to videos and podcasts which have given me a wealth of goodies. Forums too have been fabulous.


Did you know that in Panama, land ownership is not guaranteed, and if someone works or lives on land that you own but don't use for a decade, it's legally their land. The point is, plants will grow where they want to, and usually that isn't a city. Cities are basically concrete and asphalt deserts, hostile to natural life. Plants don't ask permission to grow, nor should you. Any partly sunny abandoned or foreclosed land will do. Parks, roadsides, hills, graveyards, or anywhere plants grow naturally is a good place to plant. And while it's technically possible to grow plants in awkward places, they don't like being forced to grow where it's unnatural to grow. And I mean, they are unhappy about it, it requires more maintainance and is unnatural. Plants know their surroundings.

I have neighbors who have lots of decorative hanging plants. They fuss over these plants: proper water, soil, sunlight, etc. And they all die within a month or two, because they don't fucking like hanging in space. My lawn is full of life, it grows lots of types of plants. I don't fuss over them. Minimal fussing, cutting, weeding makes them happy.


Thats what I (tried to) mean GG- internet trumps zines; in its immateriality and searchable relevance. Zines (incl. community mags used to (me to) be to local, culturally/climate relative info-source for urban info. Now we have le internet, which can be dug through.

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