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May 05, 2009



I fuckin love these guys... Best Teen Beat band ever. I always wonder who the hell they were?

William Zeuthen

Its really "crazy".


I roomed with their final bassist, "Ves Vesuvius Pompeii", in Iowa City around the time "Every Song..." came out and had the pleasure of experiencing their last run of live shows, including their role in a play conceived largely around them and their music called "Puberty Shriek". They also had a single called "You Make Me Cum In My Pants". The song of the same title was, I think, the only one that didn't make it on the album. They had ungodly huge energy and great songs, but the magic for me was so often in the attitude and the stage banter. The Nehring brothers, "Nobody" and "Edward T Action" (the drummer) were longtime scenesters in Iowa City and veterans of many bands and musical adventures. A copy of this tape and a recording of a particularly confrontational live show (they were opening for a mellow hippie jam band)at a packed basement venue called "The Yacht Club" are a couple of old treasures I've hoarded over the years.

I'm very happy and genuinely surprised to see them here.


ha - i knew these guys (jeff and ed anyway) - was in a band called the sucker boys w jeff, and gave 'em their first taste of all those great crypt records comps - really they owe their illustrious careers to me! a talented & entertaining pair those nehrings

Wendy del Formaggio

This is awesome. Thanks for turning me onto Los Marauders, Brian.


What Wendy said! Thanks Brian!

Johnny Aztec

Mucho gracias for this Brian. I played guitar in the Los Marauders and can say without a doubt that it marked me for life. One of our first gigs was at the Anamosa State Prison in Anamosa, IA. Our original bass player came to that gig dressed in a white t-shirt and blue jeans with canvas sneakers (you know, 1950's juvenile delinquent costume). When we hit the stage we looked out and saw that the entire inmate population was wearing the exact same outfit!! Needless to say, those guys musta really been fans.

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