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May 05, 2009



It really could have been a half hour or 45 minutes in length - insufferably long shots of the truck circling around (which he used again at the end of Stroszek). I didn't get the genius that is apparent in any of the Bruno S. or Kinski films. But I did like "Herzog eats his shoe' - wasn't that part of that disc?


The entire film is on youtube.

Mr. Headphones

My friend just showed me snippets of this and I loved what I saw.


Thanks MrD, that was most helpful!


Yes, thanks! There are other full-length Herzog features on YouTube as well. Little Dieter Needs to Fly for one. How weird. I had no idea! I guess they've given up on DVD sales....

Nat Roe

Oh yeah, I just saw this a few weeks ago. Totally incredible. Love the part with the blind ones playing the rolling the ball at pots game and then swinging their sticks wildly.


This movie is available in full on Youtubes new movie section.


The greatest film of all time, hands down. To the suggestion that the long shots were "insufferable," I recommend growing an attention span. From the soundtrack to the dialogue to the bizarre sequence of happenings that little Hombre must laugh at, it simply doesn't get better than this.

And the DVD commentary track with Crispin Glover ain't bad, either.


I love every Herzog film I've seen - except this one. It's okay, just not my favorite. And to suggest to someone who doesn't share your elation about the film to try 'growing an attention span,' well, that's just small (pun intended).


Not my favorite Herzog, but still well worth a look. It can be tiresome, but I think that's part of the point. In any case, it's certainly full of unique and original images.

And I did like having Crispin Glover on the commentary, but that other film student-y guy that's on all the Herzog commentaries really bugs the f#ck out of me.

Listener James from Westwood

Didn't FMU DJ/film-mixologist John Schnall (?) use one of the songs from this as his opening theme?


Calling something "insufferable" implies that it's equally tedious for everyone, which is clearly not the case here. I did enjoy the riposte, but in the future could you be a little less suggestive? I don't think the 3 year olds understood what you were referring to.

Citizen Kane has been called boring, as has 2001. I've seen all of Herzog's film, and I prefer this one to all others. Of course, I really don't think it's the greatest film of all time, but neither do I think it's "insufferable." Not by a long shot. Apart from snarky would-be film critics, who wouldn't be entertained by incessantly cackling midgets?

To say this film is a masterpiece would be understatement of the century.

Jim Herrington

I've been trying to find the music from this movie for years... I think it's at the closing of the movie possibly, I can't remember. Very haunting, fantastic music. Maybe a young female's voice chanting over the music? If anyone knows what I'm talking about, please fill me in. Thanks,

Ben Livant

I invite anyone who feels that Even Dwarves Started Small is great and not boring (Jim and not Dale) to visit Cinemania and contribute to the discussion there. As the person who has been most vocal in that conversation, I am hoping to get some feedback on my thinking. Thank you, here's the link.

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