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May 09, 2009



Hey, if either one of them masturbates, technically its incest.

I wonder which one leads during their mambo lessons.

Listener #109577

Looks way too far south to be the collarbone they're joined at -- I'd guess it starts at the sternum. And I'm actually kind of jealous -- I always wanted a brother.


There can't be anything in Hell as bad as this.
Who said God made Man unto His own image and likeness?

Jonathan Steinke


Thank you, Gogol, for the inspirational homily.


To all you idiots who make stupid comments about these two brothers... I live in dayton ohio near them, have met them in person once and these two brothers have more love and respect for others than I have ever read on should be ashamed of the comments you have get to live normals lives and could never imagine a life like theirs...think about this will you...when Ronnie or Donnie pass away...the other lives for like up to 17 hours afterwords...try living a hell like that knowing your gonna die at anytime and you have no choice and no one can save you...would you like to see your brother or mother or sister like that...would you like to know that your relative is going to die and NO ONE can save them! may God bless Your Sole!! got an opinion on that send it to [email protected]


These two are a real inspirational and makes me think that I should live life to the full because I'm licky to have what I've got ;) They seem like really amazing people who just love life despite everything they've missed out on. God bless them.


*LUCKY.... not 'licky'

conjoined twins

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Guy Furet

I have the upmost respect and admiration for Ronnie & Donnie.

Posted by Guy

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