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May 13, 2009



Psychic Cigarette great title ... didn't quite make it in the tune stakes though


... where as Junkies and Monkeys althoughthe sentiments contained therein don't necessarily reflect those etc. is the whole package . thanks .


oh i hate to be a serial commenter but just heard my new favorite song of all time The Crime Shows ...

Colin the Culture Hunter

Linda Lanes Tribute to America- Wow! My god that has made my day. Fair brought a tear to the eye.

Crime shows takes the cake.

Incredible- Thank you

Carl Howard

But... but... in our language, the word is: TIGER!

Gretchen Phillips

I was feeling low, and as usual Song-Poems have perked me up immeasurably. Thanks for this beautiful treasure-trove. I used to see Kay Weaver perform at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, and am sorry to say she never did Junkies and Monkeys live for us.

Troy Hanson

I've beening wanting so bad to Psychic Cigarette Sung by Sonny Cash... sooo bad. Thanx dudes- Troy

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