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May 05, 2009


DJ ManRich

I too have been on one of my bi-annual Fall kicks lately.
I have never thought about compiling all their covers,
Quite a Herculean task, that.
Thanks so much!

Brian Turner

Awesome. That Steve Bent original was on one of those Dr Demento Worst records comps. Don't forget the Fall also covered the Monks' "Shut Up".

fatty jubbo

and another one by R. Dean Taylor - Gotta See Jane ...covered on Are You Are Missing Winner

Debbie D

Thanks for the suggestions, but our blog rules require posting only one song per artist.


Whaddaya know...this blog just posted a remarkably similar comp on May 4th...great minds thinking alike?

Debbie D

WOW! Thanks for the great link, DefChef. Listener Thomas actually sent me the songs for this post 2 months ago, but I didn't have time to post it until now!

Listener Greg G.

Is there another band anywhere in the world that's recorded covers of TWO R. Dean Taylor tracks??


Great list.

One to add:
Hank Williams: "Waitin' "

Listener Thomas G

By my final count there were 45 covers ... but then a friend reminded me of two I'd missed (what a jerk! off the top of his head no less!) so by my final final count there are something like 47, but that might even miss one or two. Only one person really knows (if he really knows!).

And really, I can't recommend "Renegade" enough - even I was a little late to it and now I have no idea what the hold up was.

Mistos - Waitin is up there! Also, they've covered 3 Monks songs.

Listener Thomas G

Also ... who else can you name that has covered the Groundhogs TWICE? "Stange Town" is the one not posted here.


Ooopss... Yes - Luke The Drifter... :-) My bad!

GR Kelly

One more: Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich's "Legend of Xanadu", for the 1992 NME charity compilation 'Ruby Trax'.

Listener Thomas G

It's there, GR.


Been listening to the compilation.
Great job!

martin Clabburn

This is probably the definitive list :-

Also The Fall 'reuse' alot of obscure riffs/chord progressions


There is that live cover of "Jet Boy" from the boxed set 1976-2007 as well


haha when did the fall cover "the mummy"? amazing

carrie nation

also White Lightnin' by George Jones...

Listener Thomas G

"I'm a Mummy" is on Levitate.

Jim Baker

Can't forget --- the bridge from Valeri by The Monkees appears on This Nation's Saving Grace as "Barmy." And, of course, "Bremen Nacht" on The Frenz Experiment borrows the main riff from Spinal Tap's "Tonight We're Gonna Rock Tonight."

Thank you for making my weekend a Fall weekend. :-) Sweet.


HIGGLE DY PIGGLE DY on monks compilation tribute album.

lst recording by the 'TLC' band


HUNGRY FREAKS DADDY by frank zappa!


I've never heard that Beatles cover before, it nearly had me in tears after a gigantic smile the likes of which I haven't cracked in a long time. Incredible.

m m o

lost in music


for so long i have been trying to get Sir Gibbs People Grudgeful! thank you sooooo much, plus all the other stuff will be an excellent treat as well!

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