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May 16, 2009



Every bloody time I come here I learn something new. Great selections, The Okie Dokie Stomp makes a nice finale.

Rick Garcia

Like the Blasters, I too hail from Downey, California, and I remember when I was in high school and college I'd still find various members eating at the old McDonalds and it seemed that I was forever bumping into people who had gone to Pious X High School with them. I never actually worked up the nerve to talk to them, but I'd go see them play whenever I could. I certainly liked them better than Downey's other claim to musical fame, the Carpenters. I'd read about the bars and stuff they said they'd learn the blues in that were supposed to be in Downey, but I was never able to find them, and thought whatever it was they were talking about was far removed from the Downey I knew. I did know and occasionally shop from Wenzel's Harmony House, a record collectors store across from an old graveyard where the Chantays recorded "Pipeline," and where various members of the Blasters bought old blues records.
Carrying on, I don't remember hearing any of these records when I lived in Downey, but I did find some later on. Great comp, thanks for the great songs and memories.

Rockin' paul

very impressed with these, but i notice that sonny Burgess - sadies back in Town is missing.
The Blasters will be touring europe the end of may & through June.
thank you for this listening to the originals.
keep rockin'


Love this one!!


These posts are like getting a new marathon premium every week. The sheer work it must be to rip and post 2+ hours of music is incredible. All hail our lovely newlywed hostess, and may your own home always be as joyous as these posts.

Debbie D

Thanks, Parq. Share the wealth, I say.


nice comp.the blasters was a cool band that should of been bigger.anyone notice that billy idol sang a bit of Stick McGhee & His Buddies "Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee" in the breakdown of his cover of,"l.a. woman"? way to go billy!

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