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May 20, 2009


just john

Let's not forget Camper Van Beethoven's Tania from their Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart album (whose title also refers to the song.)

doug from dc

...or Patti Smith's cover of Hey Joe.

Brian Why

...or the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo's "You Got Your Baby Back"

Jonathan Steinke

Not only pretty damn irritating but very jovial for a 'ballad'...even more so for a ballad about Patty's time with the SLA.


More Pattyness here

the damaged ape

See also "Song For Patty" by Sammy Walker with Sis Cunningham from Broadside Ballads, Vol. 8 on Folkways and the Best Of Broadsides box set.

"Patty, dear, I know your sights are on the Milky Way / And the avaricious scorpion is beggin' you to stay / Please meet me at the holocaust valley / And you can tell us all about it someday."

Good ol' Sammy. Always hangin' in that no man's land between Phil Ochs and Bob Dylan.

Rory Murray

Oingo Boingo did NOT record "You Got Your Baby Back". It was recorded by Big Daddy and was a huge hit on the Dr. Demento Show during it's heyday at KMET 94.7 Ls Angeles inn the early 1970's.

bruce LLoyd

You betcha "The ballad of Patty hearst" is mangled and the faceplate is defaced. And you find it irritating. It was on 60 minutes as an example of what was being written about Patty. I know, I produced it. Bruce L.

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