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May 17, 2009



Thanks for that Kliph -- that's the best ventriloquist bit I've ever seen. Remarkable.

In this 2001 New York Times appreciation, I see that Ricky Jay is an admirer, too, which I will presume validates your taste.


A fun post. I could never understand the concept of a ventriloquist record, or a ventriloquist on the radio. Think about it - how did Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy become popular before television? If you can't see the dummy what is the draw?

Mike H

WOW! this was incredible! what a skill...thanks for posting.


Classic gaffe from the Times article: "When Worsley retired in the early 80's, he put Charlie Brown in the attic and never took him out. He died in July." Predeceased by his dummy! Interesting to note that Worsley never got laugh one from the Sullivan audience, who obediently applauded at those nearly random moments when someone decided to light up the sign.


Very cool. Christopher Walken should play him in the biopic.


Gird noises? When You're Sniling? Gottle of deer? He's worse than Jack Dinsmore (it took me a while to dig up that name).

Larry Howard

There's an even better Worsley appearance from a Sullivan show in the '50s on YouTube. The routine is pretty similar to this one, but Worsley is more proficient.

Nat Roe

Thought you might enjoy this:


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