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May 28, 2009


Listener James from Westwood

Awesome to see WFMU revered and representin' worldwide. Have an absolute blast, y'all FMU DJs and listeners at the shows, and safe travels back to 43 Monty!


i want to hear that Magik Markerz set !!!


Hey Brian have a great time. And don't bogart the recordings!


(from the first visitor of the wfmu stand :-) )
Highlight for me as of now: listening to spectrum playing spacemen 3´s "revolution" and "suicide" at a really crowded main stage with so many people into it. Little did I know when I bought my "playing with fire" cassette tape ages ago that I would witness this...
Magik Markers were great and Lightning Bolt were awesome, specially being on the edge of the pogo crowd in front of the stage...

Try not to miss the chance of getting to know some of the spanish bands playing. From yesterday: Veracruz (, Joe Crepusculo (, La bien querida (
For today: Extraperlo (, Los Punsetes (, rosvita (, tokyo sex destruction (, love of lesbian (, limbo starr orchestra (
For tomorrow: Antonna(, hola a todo el mundo (, flow (
I´m probably missing a few.
See you around!


I can't wait for this (or as much of it as possible) to make it onto the Free Music Archive. Great job!


Some pics from the shows:

will rodgers

hope all the sets will be rebroadcast due to the electrical problems with the transmission. day one esp please..


when are there going to some sounds up, and where can I find them? I was there and it was another great year personal highlights being Spiritualized, th' Faith healers and Rosvita, so I'd love to get to hear some of what I saw and maybe some of what I missed.

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