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May 30, 2009



I've really been enjoying your gardening updates. I have a large vegetable garden for the first time ever this year, and it is one of the most satisfying things I've ever done. I've got the bug bad - I'm going to dig up more lawn tomorrow for stage two!

One thing I've especially enjoyed is the slow-down of life as I tend my garden. I water by hand, and as I do I have a chance to observe all the other living creatures scrambling about. It's such a peaceful pursuit!

And that salad does taste damn fine, doesn't it?!!!


Me too.

I 'Wwoofed'(work exchange- Willing workers on Organic Farms) for a while in rural areas, but it is still more encouraging to read about someone, especially a non-landowner like myself, attempting to connect with the ever-changing 'natural' rhythms in an sub/urban setting.

Hellbound Alleee

Root crops need the cold, really. I wouldn't worry about planting them too early.


Anne - thank you! :) I'm just over on your Flickr page now; love the excavated toy truck ;) What are those gorgeous orange-tipped leaves?

Jrld - Willing Workers on Organic Farms sounds right up my street, and it sounds like the kind of thing I might find on the rural outskirts of dear old Brighton. ;) I got a prospectus from Plumpton Agricultural College over the weekend, so I've been checking out formal qualifications in case my local college doesn't get back to me for an interview. All good stuff!

Hellbound Alleee - I shall stop fretting about my roots. I think it's newbie skittishness and a bit of impatience. I'm trying to weed out my impatience and just let the plants do their thing, but it's a hard habit to break! ;)


Digging in my yard is like an archaeology field trip!

Honesty, I have no idea what the orange tipped leaves are - the joy of renting a new place is discovering what came before! I found a poppy growing in a bed by the house. I'm hoping it's a Himalayan blue poppy, but it probably won't be. Either way, it's great!

btw, my husband played live on WFMU one time. :-)

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