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May 21, 2009


michael C

the metal detector guy was great...and even better, there was no daggy background music like this american life.
more interviews please!


Love the post. I used to have a DAT recorder and a nice stereo mic for field recording. The binaural microphones seem to do what mine did even better, capturing the sounds of things overhead as if they're, well, authentic. Not merely the stereo field, but a truer representation of what you're hearing at the moment, with the distances of the varied sound sources captured with far greater accuracy. I may have to pick up a pair in the near future.

And if you want a good complement, may I recommend any of Beyerdynamic's excellent (though somewhat expensive) headphones, particularly the semi-open or closed ear models for noisier environments. Sennheiser HD 280s aren't bad, either, for a significantly cheaper, closed ear set. I think you can find them for $75 or so. Well worth the money. If you want to get really crazy, though, you could always go for Grado Labs' GS1000, which are about a grand. They have some models for under $200, too, but none of them sound as good as the Beyerdynamics, IMO.


Quietly, I say... Thank you for this post.

What a stunning reminder of the peace that can come from simply listening to the world around us!


Several years ago, I ran across an 8-track cartridge that had "First day of spring, 197(something)" and bought it hoping for something exactly like this. Then I got it home and it was country songs taped off of the radio. Foiled again.

But for reasons I can't entirely explain, nothing I was expecting could've topped "Baby Song": http://preview.tinyurl.com/r75enc


Great post, Evan! It almost cured my ulcer.

Mr Fab

Great post, thanks for the techie advice, I so totally want to do this.

Lots more field recordings here:

Send yours in!


Evan! Great post!

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