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June 16, 2009


Brian Oregon

It has to be Lai -- he presumably could have pulled Chen back onto the bridge but instead took an action that, in California at least, would probably be charged as attempted murder. That's just too far to go to express annoyance at a whiny loser.


I agree, if Lai succeeded in killing Chen how would anybody get their money back?

Sister Hairy Hymen

Ah the douche bags of the world make me laugh. This one had me rolling.


Chen because his serious injuries will prevent him from repaying his debt to Chinese society. And this will no doubt give him more incentive to be a whiny douchebag fuckup.
But Lai is not far behind because he should have known that it was possibly too late to push Chen to his death once the emergency service guys started inflating the giant cushion. Then again, Lai probably brought less dishonour upon his country by maiming Chen than killing him.


Chen is the aspirant. Lai is the shaman. I throw hexagram 24, Return ( the turning point ). The sequence reads "Things cannot be destroyed once and for all. When what is above is completely split apart, it returns below." So old mann Lai comes along, waits for the raft to inflate, and knocks Chen's ass right into satori ( if you don't mind my mixin' my spooks ). Fucking genius.


Actually after a good night's sleep, I think I'm kind of a douchebag for making light of Mr. Chen's now considerably worsened plight. Was this intended to be a trick question?

Listener Ralphine

Such language, Firecracker!


I can't not laugh at this. I know the guy's in trouble and pain, but this is a really funny story in an existential way. I can't figure out which one is the bigger douche. Maybe life is.


If people were a little more prudent with their time and mmoney, they would have the 5 hours to spare.

If automobiles were equipped with an instant death ray the whole process could have been expedited.

I think the latter would open up opportunities for tow truck drivers, thus stimulating the economy more generally so people would have the 5 hours to spare even if they were a little less than prudent. Then, if someone chose a more quaint method of killing themselves like the boulder tied to the leg off the bridge, something cute like that, people would have the time to sit back and enjoy.

So yeah, my solution is to equip automobiles with instant death rays.

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