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June 17, 2009


Drew Miller

Thanks for sharing the fruits of your obsession! Keep up the good (?) work.

jeff gerhard

Amazing collection! I think that first Don Hagen one about the country boy is gonna be my new theme song. Thanks!

T. Tex Edwards

I seem to remember Leona Williams (one of Haggard's exe's) had a go-go song also...

Greg G.

Tex, I think perhaps the song you have in mind is Country Girl With Hot Pants On?

I'm actually saving that one for a (less extensive) hot pants / mini-skirt post.

Chip Ordway

Of course, there are also the many attempts to "mix" the genre of country and pop from the '65/'66 period which also gave off some corn-pone "go-go" effects--if not in title then at least in sound. Hunt down Skeeter Davis' ever-so-twangily-groovy cover of Hank Williams' "I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You). Almost perverse in it's mix, but fun nonetheless. If you could ever mix Hank with chicks in birdcages, this would be the soundtrack.


Country as a living music always took a lot from the pop canon.The most obvious was the high school pop of the 60s which saw many high school poppers on the country charts in their own right.
Skeeter Davis is a great example of how to combine high school with country.
Later in the decade Sandy Posey would live forever in the high school era-truly lost in the 50s and maybe country music's only Pixie Girl

Tom Smith

Great, great, great...


Zach Neel

The first original version of Daddy was a preacher but mama was a go go girl by Joanna and Bob Neel is in my opinion is the best. My grandpa is Bob Neel and he played percussion(drums)in that song so I think its kinda cool to hear my grandpa who is now deceased jam along in that song..


This blog posts an ad from Billboard, March 1971, for Betty Jo Bangs' record. Looks like that one may have been first. It's possible that the songwriter sold the song after its initial run.


I can unequivocal guarantee that Daddy Was A Preacher, Mama Was A GoGo Girl was written solely by Betty Jo Bangs. She agreed to let Joanna Neel record the song but did not sell her any rights to claim songwriting credits. Joanna Neel stole the songwriting credits when she´╗┐ recorded it. Betty Jo Bangs holds a copyright that predates any copyright that Joanna Neel may have.

Michelle Belanger

I guess this would qualify as country meets go go.

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