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June 09, 2009


Devon Young

Wow, this was awesome! I love it!


My fave show was contained appearances by Screamin Jay Hawkins
and Bongwater...

Plus a really pretty song with Debra Harry backed up by Sanborn and the band...

Brian Turner

Oh yeah, Bongwater intro'd by Screamin Jay, with Bob Weir and the Pussywillows backing up, doing a Roky tune....


This was one of the few episodes I saw at the time (I also saw the Conway Twitty/Residents one, and one with Sonny Rollins and I think Leonard Cohen).

I can't imagine they could actually have the Butthole Surfers on (beer sponsor or not) -- any of their other interviews from that period are over-the-top weird and borderline offensive. Think : the Sex Pistols infamous TV appearance combined with dadaism and lots of pot smoke. The TV censors would have to edit so much that it would be pointless and unwatchable.

case in point: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEuKiqnnOPM


this is fucking brilliant. only new the song from marclay's cd "records" (atavistic) - but see him doing this speedy changes is incredible. from only watching i'd say this must be sounding like mad shit, but it's aural jewelry for my ears ;)

thanks for this post, mr. turner!

waylon solos

why did they leave this guy out of the new dj hero game?


how bout scratchn something people actually listen to? I didn't recognize one fkn measure of that.

Webhamster Henry

Now I have to dig out my copy of Record Without A Cover.

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