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June 30, 2009


doomsday fartshadow

while looking at amazon, i wondered- what of alien factor 2? as good? same director? guess i can imdb it, just wanted your opinion on it too.


I haven't seen Alien Factor 2 - yet. I'm a relatively new Dohler convert!

DJ ManRich

As a teen, I used to read the Seventies incarnation of Famous Monsters of Filmland. I remember Alien Factor getting a lengthy, loving write-up, with lots of production information and more special effects pictures and behind-the-scenes shots that a real publicist would've feasibly allowed, considering that it hadn't come out yet.
How did movies like this get distributed before the home video era?

doomsday fartshadow

phew, i saw a trailer for alien factor was made in 2001, and the effects are still 1970's quality but not in an endearing way. I vaguely remember fiend as one of the many horribad flicks my mom would bring homeand i'd get to watch back in the days when b horros still came in the overly large porno-style boxes and every convenience store had video rental. so i still may have to watch that one again.

as for alien factor 2, it looks like Dohler lost whatever it was he had learned in fiend.


I LOVE those big old VHS clamshells...I have a great Mad Doctor of Blood Island—I should scan it!

doomsday fartshadow

yeah -the big black plastic clamshells that secured the tape inside like it was a precious chocolate or handgun were pretty funny- but i also meant the big cardboard boxes-
oversized, that had a plastic vaccuform compartment inside for the tape. it seemed like even when standard movies were finally doing just a tape-sized cardboard sleeve, that porn, horror and bad sci-fi boxes were still oversized. perhaps to capitalize on fitting as much attention-getting graphics on the box? and is it me or were they already all sun-faded by the time a store started carrying them? perhaps there were only a handful of these bad tapes across the country and they each did a little time on the shelf by the window from store to


>>i also meant the big cardboard boxes- <<

Oh yeah! I have one of those for The Beast aka Equinox.


The Cinematic Titanic gang (i.e., many of the old MST3K people) have been riffing on ALIEN FACTOR on their recent live theater tour. It's a very worthy candidate.

Listener bkd

Turns out the guy responsible for the special effects and the title sequence is no slouch:

And as for that title sequence? He goes on to do the title sequences for:
Terminator 2
The Abyss
Alien Nation
Cast a Deadly Spell
Dune (2000)
Children of Dune (2003)
(and whatever the flaws in the following movies, I'm sure their title sequences are Simply Awesome)
Def-Con 4
Galaxy of Terror
and a bunch of others.

Mike H

I am a huge fan of Don Dohlers films. Great reviews! And I'm happy to them them posted, out of the blue, of WFMUs blog!

Fiend is my favorite Dohler movie.

Mark L

I think the documentary isn't all that good - there's far too little about his inventive, fun, earlier films, and way too much about his last films, where he clearly wasn't enjoying himself and was purely doing it for the money. It was quite sad.


Fiend was Don Dohlers best film! I love the surreal atmosphere very original.

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