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June 23, 2009



"Sam Raimi". not "Sam Ramie". I didn't think the movie was that bad. Sure, it didn't accurately portray social types, but the simple set-up allowed me to care for the main character. Damn it!


Bronwyn, you're right, there was enough about this movie I liked that I probably could make it sound great in print. Honestly, give me a pair of black, hairy goat legs outside the door and I'm basically ready to go. I'm a sucker for horror motifs if done fairly well. I did lean over to my friend Mike during the Rom funeral scene and say, "Wow. This is a little offensive." Then I thought, how different are the depictions of Gypsy life in Emir Kusturica films, really?


$12.50 for a movie!!!!!! 95% of the movies in theatres these days aren't worth $3.50. . . like you said heh.

Bronwyn C.

Hi, Listener JoJo--
Thanks for the spellcheck. That was because I wrote the first half of the post elsewhere and copied and pasted it in, and didn't notice when my fine, fine, superfine spelling corrector made Raimi (director) into Ramie (an Asian perennial plant of the nettle family). If you noticed, it was spelled correctly in the last half of the post, which was written directly on Typepad. Consarned modern software!
I didn't care for the main character at all--I couldn't WAIT for her to get hers. Plus, that whole envelope business wasn't even a surprise, although maybe that was good because it let me know that my fondest hopes would eventually be realized.

Mike H

fully disagree with you about drag me to hell. but that's ok!

check it out's a HECK of a lot of fun. totally a sam 'spiderman 3' raimi movie called 'drag me to hell' should be!

black sheep, as stated also quite a laugh!

23 Wolves

"A Lamia - Only summoned by Gypsies for their Dirtiest Deeds!"

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