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June 29, 2009



Nice post Lukas, looking forward to the documentary!

"Palido Sol" is an awesome track, first heard it on one of those great Hyped2Death CDs

by the way, that the Alvaro set on Brian's show is also available for download from the Free Music Archive:


Thank you so much for the introduction!

Gerardo Figueroa

The documentary was just premiered here in Chile last saturday, introduced by ALVARO himself (!). After that, he played a set of three songs using his lovely casio mini keyboard.

I feel he's one of the chilean greats from C20, whose work is being very recently recognized here

¡Viva Álvaro Peña!

Sydney Psychologists

Great footage. Would be awesome to have this on DVD as a doco. Can't wait to see it..I'd heard of him but never seen the images...thanks. joanna

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